TEKKEN is not released yet for all countries .But still you can download and play TEKKEN on your Android .  You have to follow some steps to download . Which is given below .


  • First Download a Vpn Which Contain Canada VPN .
  • Then Connect the canada Vpn
  • Now the Important thing ,you have to go to Apps manager  on your phone , Find Google Play Store , And Google Play Services .And then Clear the data of both the Apps .
  • Now After Clearing , the data of PlayStore and play Services , Come to this Website and Click the Download Link below , to Download from Google Play Store Latest Version .

Click Here to Download from Google Play Store (First Follow the Steps Above and then Click Here )

Video tutorial will be uploaded Soon in English and Hindi




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    Это будет здорово и особенно, когда люди узнают, что они получили его от вас, и они будут знать, что вы всегда предлагаете классные вещи.

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